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Alaska Channel TV

Video is the heart and soul of our business. You just can’t overstate the impact it has on how a customer feels about a product. Alaska Channel TV brings your products to life in hotel rooms across the state.

With a keen vision and highly talented team, our programming can look and feel like anything you might find in a major market. We shoot in Ultra high def, with a fresh, personal style that helps consumers connect on an emotional level with real people.

Results, results – We know we’re on to something. Our sponsorship retention rate is over 95%; our customers are very satisfied. They say Alaska Channel TV is “extremely effective,” “great for business,” and one of the “best sources of non-local customers.”

  • Region-specific programming appears in over 10,000 Alaska hotel rooms 
  • Channel promoted via in-room collateral (including channel line-up cards)
  • Over two decades of proven success

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We’ve spent years building a credible, content-rich website and it shows – in our volume of pageviews, high placement in search engines, and in click-throughs to our sponsors. is the most used Alaska travel site. Here’s why:

  • Address. Our web address is easy to remember and improves traffic – over 3.5 million users and 14 million page views each year.
  • Reputation. is frequently referenced in the press and is a key influencer site on your customer’s path to conversion. It’s ranked highly on Google searches. Even more exciting, click-throughs rates to sponsor websites are very high by industry standards.
  • Quality content. A varied mix of text, photos, and video keeps visitors interested – for an average of about four minutes per visit. They find everything they need (and even print out pages to make their own printed guides!). Visitors find very accessible; they frequently email with questions and comments.
  • Value-driven. Some sites are discount-driven, but we know that not everyone wants to cut corners on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. They do want a great value, and they can find it with our insider information and meaningful advice. Many of our visitors are independent travelers who aren’t afraid to budget thousands of dollars for a cruise and land tour. We communicate the excitement Alaska travel offers – and the value of our sponsor services.

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The Alaska App

We’ve developed an amazing tool that’s earning top reviews – users are simply amazed that it’s also free!

Our app is GPS-driven. No matter where you travel in Alaska, it shows where you are on the map and what’s nearby. Compelling content is integrated seamlessly with sponsor information. Users can read detailed descriptions of points of interest, listen to audio tours, watch expertly-produced videos, and share their photos with other users immediately.

Advertisers can include location listings, photos, audio, video, detailed business and product descriptions and a web site link.

The Alaska App is one of the highest rated travel apps anywhere, with over 500,000 downloads. 

  • Works even where there’s no cell phone coverage.
  • Available for all iOS devices: iPhones and iPads.
  • Interactive – users can share photos, leave comments, give info on wildlife sightings.

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