We work hard and are proud of what we do

We are a creative-driven, Anchorage-based video production company that focuses on projects both in and outside of the state. Our team pushes each other to continually learn, experimenting with cameras, devouring movies, and constantly researching new technology to improve our craft.

When creating a video, we build a strong partnership with our client and help them create an emotional connection with their viewers. We always get the most out of our budget, whether it’s a long-form documentary or a 30-second commercial for a locally-owned small business.

We Love Our Job

We get to travel constantly, meet passionate people, and help them share their stories. What more could we ask for?

Meet the Team

Howdice Brown III

Head of Production

Howdice Brown has shot and directed everything from Emmy award-winning documentaries to destination brand videos and crowdfunding campaigns. Over the last 8 years his projects have taken him to every corner of Alaska and beyond. 

Emma Sheffer

Head of Production

Emma is a filmmaker from the Puget Sound who studied both film & television production and fine art at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Her goal for each project is to create something she is truly proud to share with her peers.

Dmitry Surnin


While a filmmaker at his core, Dmitry is an Alaskan adventurer, constantly learning and bringing new earned experience into his everyday life. Born into a family of artists in Khabarovsk, Russia, Dmitry found his art within film. His studies brought him to Italy, studying photojournalism at the Florence University of Arts, and graduated from UAA with his Bachelors in Journalism and Film. His passion for the Alaskan outdoors and human connection show in each project, always striving to deliver unique, craft work.

Alli Bargelski


Alli is a creator that was born and raised in Alaska. After receiving her BFA in digital filmmaking from the University of Montana, Alli took a career tour in the lower 48 before ending up right back where she started. Always eager to collaborate with both clients and coworkers, Alli loves developing ideas into some of the most unique and beautiful work in the state.

Luke Magnusson

Motion Graphics Animator

From being voted “most likely to succeed” in 6th grade (he was home schooled that year) to filming award winning content, Luke has a proven track record of quality work. His passion for excellence is evident in each of his projects — regardless of scope, scale, or budget. 

Bob & Yael Kaufman

Founder & Owners

Bob founded what became Channel Films in 1992 and has taken it to new heights again and again. Bob’s been known to do some wild adventures, from his 1986 solo ascent of Denali, to ultra-marathon wilderness races, to his 2005 swim across The Inlet—the first and only.

Yael is the task-master with a can-do approach and winning smile. Her enthusiasm and commitment to the highest standards has built up the Alaska Channel family of business’ reputation as companies that deliver. Yael loves her time exploring Alaska’s backcountry with Bob, their three kids and puppy.

Twenty-Six Years Of…

Delivering Results

After decades of service, the team has earned the respect of clients from Kaktovik to Singapore.

Distributing Media

Channel Films is a member of the Alaska Channel family of companies and is proud to support their media needs. Learn more

Showcasing Alaska

We are proud of our Alaskan roots and its beauty will never cease to amaze us.

Inspiring Storytelling

Kirsten Shultz, Providence Health & Services, Alaska